K-WAY x KAPPA Collaboration, the 90’s streetwear fanatics dream .

Brand collaborations, although nothing new, have been gaining serious momentum, especially in the streetwear market. The recent release of the 90s power brands K-Way x Kappa collaboration is one of the latest to hit the market, and boy have they got it right!

Bold primary colours and blocking, classic silhouettes all featuring K-Way’s trademark rainbow stripe and Kappa’s Omini logo are the key identifiers of this collaboration. But why are collaborations so successful?

If we take a look at what consumers really value in todays market, especially now that consumers are savvier than ever, they are continually moving the goal posts and raising the bar, demanding more and more from brands to win their interest and loyalty. What they value is authenticity. With the trend for retro sportswear going nowhere, it makes sense for brands with authentic heritage to partner up with brands whom have strong footholds in other markets. Kappa has such a rich history in sportswear that it offers the perfect platform for collaboration. VP of Sales at K-WAY Lorenzo Boglione, sums it up perfectly when reflecting on the power of authenticity:

“Kappa was Carl Lewis at the 84 Olympic games. He was wearing kappa from head to toe. That’s the story of authenticity – and it’s very difficult to change or revert, and impossible to begin. You were either there or you were not.”

So what are the benefits of the coming together of these two brands?

With an authentic and real story behind the collaboration, the real benefit was to expand and elevate the status of both brands into new territories using one another as leverage with their pre-existing successes. Dre Hayes, president of Kappa USA and K-Way USA says:

“Kappa is very hot with this heritage sportswear trend going around and K-Way is doing really well in Europe and this collaboration has definitely changed the perception of K-Way in the U.S. by adding Kappa’s street elements to it. The partnership will help K-Way become more popular in the U.S. while Kappa will strengthen its presence in the U.K. and France.”

Brands are now having to work harder to create new and authentic stories to excite their customers. Product is not enough, consumers need authenticity and brand experience to keep them coming back.